Sarkodie To Organise A Free Dinner For His Fans

As the saying goes, gratitude has always been the best attitude in human life.

Indeed, Sarkodie keep on moving to the top because he had had a very strong ‘nation’ at his back who keeps on supporting and defending him both in good times and bad moments.

Truly, the Sarkholics and SarkNation constitutes the largest artiste fan base in Ghana.

Therefore, in a way of showing appreciation to them for their support from day one, Sarkodie has expressed his willingness to throw a party with some selected few in a criteria only known to him.

However, the lucky fans who will get the opportunity will be those who follow him in the various social media platforms via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

According to Sarkodie, he will randomly choose 30 loyal fans (SarkNation & Sarkholics) on Facebook, 30 on Instagram and 40 on Twitter to dine with them. Details about the place, date and time will follow soon as and when he releases it.
Check Sarkodie’s unedited post on Facebook below:

Hello #SarkNation , And I will always say you guys are the Best!!!! Yall been riding with me all these years ?? through highs and lows … Still doing this cos I know I got Yall ❤️
So A lil I can do to show appreciation cos I can’t match up with what Yall done for me ??
I def can’t do it for all my fans cos I can’t even keep up with the numbers ? … But hey I love you all …

Im throwing a party for my loyal Fans !!! Coded Location … You and Me ?
Choosing 30 people on here … 30 on Instagram on 40 on twitter… But just know I appreciate you All !!!!

Watch your inbox ?❤️ A night to celebrate our Sarkcess



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