Scary moment couple see witch floating outside their house after 3:00 am

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Perhaps people would have quickly dismissed the claim of this Nigerian couple if they narrated that they saw a witch, ghost or whatever that scary thing was if they have not captured it on camera and shared it online.

In viral footage shared by Gossipmill TV, a man and his wife captured the moent a diaphanous object appeared out of nowehere and floated above a faulty, rickety van parked in front of their compound.

The woman who was probably awakened by the noise the scary figure made got up and armed herself with her phone camera to capture whatever was lurking in the darkness.

To her horror, she saw a ghost diving in the air and in the next moment it charged at her when she called her husband to come and have a look.

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She shrieked and ran away seized by extreme fear.

Reacting, bahdgurl_zee wrote; Omo na to pack out o

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_boring_introvertStop this kin play abeg

gylliananthonetteSee the way my heart was beating ..this is scary abeg

symply_rosannaNa to bind and cast remain

sandypreneurIt’s the “baby come and see” for me..see what oga? OYO ni oo😂😂😂😂

mc_warriboy1Hope who video still Dey alive 😂


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