See Picture Of Ewureffe Orlean’s Boyfriend – His Friends Mocking Him Over KKD’s Release

Did you ever know or see the picture of the guy who was said to be the boyfriend to Ewureffe Orleans Thompson who alleged that acre broadcaster has raped her?

Well intercepted the guy’s picture for your eyes only. See him below:


Interestingly, the guy shares some similarity with KKD’s name and fashion sense. He is called Kofi Kyei – the rumoured boyfriend of Ewureffe, who was also at the event on that fateful day – 27th Dec, 2014. According to what GHbase.ocm gathered, Kofi Kyei allegedly, chartered a taxi, sat in with Ewuraffe to the Airport Police Station and upon reaching there, told the police that the latter has been raped.

The police therefore called for the victim – Ewureffe. Kofi Kyei left the police station and after 30 minutes, came with Ewureffe but her first remark allegedly was: “I was not raped.” Kofi Kyei then demanded for a police medical report form from the police – which they declined.

He then drove to a hospital (name withheld) and feigning as a doctor, called the police with another line – still demanding for the police medical report form but the police scorned his request with the reason being that, a doctor cannot sit in his office and call a police station to serve him or her with a police medical report form.

Bent on seeing Ewuraffe make a rape charge against KKD, Kofi Kyei allegedly placed a call to a man believed to be a fatherly figure to Ewureffe, who furiously, stormed the police station in a police jeep and demanded that Ewuraffe press charges of rape against KKD – which was effected on paper without much delay. After that, Kofi Kyei, allegedly, started spreading the news online.

After almost 5 months of battling the case out in court, the Sate finally released KKD on Friday 24th April, 2015 on the grounds of Nolle Prosequi – unwilling to pursue or unwilling to prosecute a case. According to the Attorney General:

“The victim in this case Ewureffe is still very unwilling to testify in court. The victim states that she is highly traumatized by the events of the day of the incident and its aftermath and so is not in the right frame of mind to appear before the court.”

The latest information reaching is that, friends of Kofi Kyei have allegedly been mocking him ever since KKD was released. What is the subject of mockery? “KKD has ‘chopped down’ his girlfriend free of charge.”

The last straw that is even breaking the camel’s back is that, Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson is also no longer interested in Kofi Kyei – she doesn’t want to see his face, close to her or her family house.

In fact, according to what the site gathered, Ewureffe actually never loved Kofi Kyei for anyone to have said they were dating nor were lovers. The guy was rather the one who forced himself on her (creating the impression that they were love birds), so when the chance came for him to show his true love, he chose to ‘use’ KKD but to no avail.

The site is still gathering more aftermath stories on KKD’s rape story and shall feed you in our subsequent publications. Keep your fingers crossed. Until then……MOTWUM!!


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