“Sex Before Marriage Is A Sin”-Comedian Wole Arole Maintains

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There have been several debates around sex before marriage with each person having their own thoughts about whether it is appropriate or not.

Comedian, Wole Arole has had his own say when he opined that sex before marriage is all but a sin.

He believes that it is still a sin even when you use a condom, arguing further that God asked that we repent from all forms of unrighteousness.

And since engaging i sexual activities with people you haven’t married yet, is an unrighteous act, it is prudent to desist from it until one is married.

He admonished his followers to endeavor to start the year right with God.

“Sex before MARRIAGE is a SIN, even if you use CONDOMN it’s still a SIN. God has told us to repent of every form of unrighteousness. Start the year with a fresh relationship with Jehovah,” he wrote on Twitter.

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