Sex Laws Should Be Introduced In Ghana To Deal With People Who Make Noise During Sex – Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

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Controversial Ghanaian lawyer and relationship expert, Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has advised the government to introduce sex laws to punish people who make a lot of noise during sex.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw made this revelation as a guest on the purple room show with Actress Vicky Zugah.
Speaking on the topic ” The rise of incest in Ghana”, Lawyer Ampaw mentioned that, couples who have sex and make noise while their kids are in the next room should be arrested. According to him, such acts tend to have long time effects on the children and influence their decision towards sex. He further explained that, most fathers who sleep with their children (incest) are evil and should be arrested with immediate effect.

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Lawyer Ampaw also added that, men should limit the way they touch their daughters as it can trigger a sexual emotion.
” women are naturally romantic no matter what age they are, as a man you don’t have to bath your daughter, you don’t have to allow your daughter sit on you because no matter how disciplined you are, you cannot resist the temptation. So just avoid it”.
He also added that parents who bath with their kids have a bad influence on their kids.
” Treat your daughter like she has a sexual rights, don’t kiss your spouse in front of your children, don’t scream during sex when your children are around and also don’t touch your daughter or sleep in the same room with her”. He added.

In his final statement, he asked the Gender minister, the NCCE and other human rights organizations to do whatever it takes to set up a task force that will go house to house to ensure that incest is not happening in any house. And men who are found guilty should be castrated.

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