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Shane Maguire is a successful American Entrepreneur. He is popularly known for his failed romantic relationship with reality TV star, Nicole Curtis who starred in the series ‘Rehab Addict.’ Following the fall-out of their relationship, they engaged in a messy custody battle over their son, Harper.


Although not much is known about the personal life of the entrepreneur, we do know that he an American-born white male. He is currently separated from his ex-partner, Nicole Curtis. He is business partner with The Gold Guys. He also runs a chain of stores in Minnesota and California in partnership with Joe Beasy. The company buys and sells gold items in these two regions.

Shane Magiure

Custody Battle

Nicole Curtis, the multi-talentd ex-partner of Shane Maguire was formerly married to Steve Lane. The reality TV star, producer, and TV presenter officially dissolved her marriage with her ex-husband in 2009 due to irreconcilable differences.

After the divorce, Nicole entered into a romantic relationship with Shane Maguire. The lovers welcomed their first baby together in May 2015. They named him Harper. Unfortunately, their dreamy relationship ended shortly after. This led to a notably messy custody battle in November 2015. Shane sought for paternity, shared custody, and time with his son Harper in court. His request was granted by the judge ruling that Maguire could stay with Harper during weekend visits. The name Maguire was also added to Harper’s birth certificate.

A few months after the court ruling, Nicole Curtis filed another motion in court asking to deny Harper’s overnight stays with his father. According to her, Harper was still breastfeeding and thus needed to be at home with her during the nights.

Shane Maguire and his ex-wife Nicole Curtis

On the back of numerous hearings, Nicole and Shane were finally granted legal custody of Harper Maguire. Nicole agreed to put up a $250,000 trust fund for her son. Maguire was allowed to use this money to buy a home near his baby mama’s home in California so he could be closer to his son.

Net Worth

Although Shane Harper is a renowned and successful entrepreneur, his net worth has not been made public.

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