Sharon O’Jay’s Death & Facts About Bobby O’jay’s Late Wife

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The late Sharon O’Jay was popularly known as the wife of the “King of Memphis Radio”, Bobby O’Jay. Sharon was married to him but died in July 2017. After mourning his wife for years, Bobby remarried again. How much do you know about DJ Bobby O’Jay’s wife? More details are below.

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Sharon Was Married To Bobby O’Jay For Decades

For almost two decades, Sharon and Bobby O’Jay had been together raising a very big family. Unfortunately, she died in July 2017. Three years after her death, Bobby remarried again and this time to a woman called Kim Ojayrleda.

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Sharon and Bobby had six children together. They are

  1. Kacey
  2. Chandi
  3. Bonita
  4. Joey
  5. Joshua
  6. Nicholas

Sharon O’Jay’s Cause of Death

Bobby’s first wife, Sharon O’Jay died in 2017 after a prolonged battle with illness.

Bobby Joined Sharon In Death

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Bobby had returned to work as usual and had phone lines open with music playing in the background around 9 am. Listeners were ready to get enlightened as usual when his voice did not return again. It was later announced by his family of his dismissed. His real cause of death is still not made public.

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