Shatta Wale Has Finally Disclosed Why His Road Manager, Deportee No Longer Works For Him


Many SM fans over from late July started raising concerns as to why Iddrris Yussif aka. Diportee no longer follows Shatta Wale since he’s the road manager. Again, issues were raised as to why Diportee no longer posts about Shatta Wale, SM stuffs and more.

Well, Shatta Wale has finally spoken as to why Diportee is no longer part and parcel of SM. According to Shatta Wale, anybody who thinks he’s too old for the Shatta Wale brand can take his route. Shatta Wale again told Pope Skinny on Adom FM that if you are in life, you must remember that he’s the boss and you have to listen to him and take instructions from him.

When asked by Pope Skinny why Rss Diportee is no longer part of SM, he said,

“Anybody that thinks he’s too old for the Shatta Wale brand can take his route. If you are in my life, remember that I have the blue print, that I’m the director so when you come around me and you don’t want to listen to what I have, take instructions from me, then it’s sad, you can just take your route”.

Shatta Wale again added, “People come my way and when they leave, they would be thinking I would fall, but I’m still climbing and going higher”

No there you have it, Ras Diportee is officially not part of SM according to Shatta Wale.

Source: Evershed S. Amekor/

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