Shatta Wale Mocks Bulldog Again

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The hostility between Shatta Wale and Bulldog seem to be a very prolonged one as they both bring up new stuff to increase their grudge everytime.

One could never expect these two lovely men who used to be very close experience this awful relationship.

Bulldog,who used to manage Shatta Wale has been quite mute on this issue for reasons best known to him.Shatta on the other hand feels that his former manager is to blame for their recent relationship.

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Shatta had a press conference on Pluzz Fm some few weeks ago and some concerned people who tuned in to listen,shared their sentiments on some of the things the ‘dancehall king’ said. The ‘Hol It’ hitmaker claimed Bulldog did nothing in his camp except eating and sleeping.

The latest mockery Shatta Wale made was after he got back from the recent GLO CAF Awards.He has a new manager now by name Julio.Shatta Wale in one of he speeches recently forwarded a message indirectly to Bulldog saying,”I dont take animals as managers but real dudes”. This can never be a normal statement but a real mockery to Bulldog since he has a name of an animal(dog) in the name most people know him by.

We hope MUSIGA interferes in feuds,which has become a common thing among most people in the art industry.


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