Shatta Wale reveals why he didn’t say “paaah paaah” on “Already” song with Beyoncé (+ video

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Musicians around the world especially African musicians have signatures. Thus, something unique they say occasionally in their songs to register their presence.

In Ghana, it looks like every musician has something unique they mostly say in their songs for easy identification. For instance, Sarkodie has a lot of signatures with “Huh” being the most popular.

As in the case of Shatta Wale, he’s got “paaah paaah paaah” which is something he mostly say in his songs to make himself well-known even to strangers. Strangely, Shatta Wale failed to mention his signature on “Already” song with Beyoncé.

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As a result, music enthusiasts especially his fans have been asking what went wrong thus time. Was Shatta forced by Beyoncé to comport himself and flow normal on the beat? Or what might be the genuine reason?

This time from the horses own mouth, Shatta Wale in virtual interview with DJ Reuben of Luv 99.5FM revealed that his failure to mention his signature is as a result of the culture of Europeans. Besides, if you go to Rome, do what Romans do.

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To buttress his point, he challenged the host to reminisce Jay Z’s song whereby he introduces himself like Ghanaian musicians have been doing in their songs. To Shatta, that’s our culture but the same thing can’t be said about them because structures and copyright do work over there.

Watch snippet of the interview below:




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