Shatta Wale Was Turning People Against Me- Sarkodie Explains Why He Had To Release ‘My Advice’ Diss Song (Video)

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It’s an undeniable fact that, Sarkodie’s 2018 song ‘My Advice’ which was a diss song to Shatta Wale really pierced the dancehall artiste soo much that, he still has a great dislike for Sarkodie.

The rapper in a fresh interview with 4Syte TV has explained that he released the diss song ‘My Advice’ because he got tired of all the negatives vibes Shatta Wale had been saying about him—In other words, he had had enough and he had to release that song to “scold’ Wale.

Sarkodie explained further that, he wasn’t really bothered in the beginning as he felt that’s the nature of Shatta Wale, so sometimes, he just ignores some of the things he says about him and would even call him at times, on phone to tell him, to put a stop to it.

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He added that it got to a point that, he felt it was getting serious and he had to do something about it as Shatta Wale was tarnishing his image, by turning his fans against him.

“First I use to see it as fun but then it got serious to sit on radio and go like you met a fan of mine who said he wanted to take pictures and I said know and I don’t treat my fans well, that’s like, you are trying to turn the people against me” he said.

Sarkodie also reacted to one of Shatta Wale’s claims that he went behind him to accept a lesser amount for an event when they had agreed to charge a higher amount and that was what caused their feud.

“If you go and do your checks, I want to use “disrespect” started way before all that … he’s been like for a minute even before the show” he said.

The rapper is currently promoting his latest single ‘Lucky’ ft Rudeboy which is off his new album, ‘Black Love’

Watch the video below for the full details of what he said in that interview.

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