“She’s Cheating On Me, She Hasn’t Asked Me For Christmas Money Yet”- Insecure Man Rants

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It’s Christmas time and the hustle and bustle, as usual, is on. But a man, apparently feeling so insecure, has gone about ranting about his supposedly unfaithful girlfriend.

According to him, who chose Facebook as the platform to pour his heart out, his girlfriend is yet to ask him for money to buy her Christmas stuff.

He finds this quite unusual and has gone on to conclude that the girlfriend is cheating on him.

He sought to enquire from his said girlfriend, named Faith, whether he is the only person in his life.

Has your girl asked for Christmas money yet? If she hasn’t, are you suspecting her of infidelity too?

“How am I sure she’s not cheating on me, she’s yet to ask me money for Christmas stuff.
Faith, I hope am the only guy in ur life?” he wrote.

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