Shocking! The Reply Samini Gave To Shatta Wale When He Wanted To Pay Him Ghc80,000

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Just when we thought Shatta Wale, wants to bury the hatchet with Samini, it appears he was not soo serious about it.
The High Grade Fmaily have given out their reply to the Shatta Movement team who wants to admit their mistakes and amend the broken pieces.

Tony Pon, the manager of Samini has described Shatta Wale and his manager BullDog as being immature and unprofessional for wanting to pay Samini Ghc80,000 for a concert.

In an Interview with Sammy Flex on AM Pluzz on sunday, September 7, Shatta Wale confessed that, he wants to pay Samini Ghc80,000, which is equivalent to the 800 million cedis in the old currency to share a stage with Samini in a concert dubbed “Samini-Shatta Concert”

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Tony in an interview with IB on Cruise Control on Hitz FM, disclosed “High Grade Family no more discusses issues pertaining to the duo because Bulldog always finds ways of hyping his artiste by involving Samini since that’s the only way they can indeed get attention from the media.”

“With the ‘Samini-Shatta Concert’, I am a business man and will not decline their business proposal if they approach us the professional way which is favorable to us than sending messages through people, Bulldog has been in the industry for some time and that is his strategy but we have come far to pay attention to that,” Tony advised.

He further advised Shatta Wale to learn to hide himself from the media and public for some time than always seeking attention and relevance in the industry by mentioning Samini because he knows he’s gradually sinking and not getting relevant.

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Shatta Wale, in the said interview revealed that he had tried his best to talk to Samini, but his efforts had not yielded any good results. Tony Pon debunked that allegation saying: “neither Bulldog nor Shatta Wale had called to discuss anything as such with me.”


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