SHOCKING: Wanlov Kubolor Comes From Animal Species, Specifically, Monkey Kingdom

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In case you have always wondered why musician, Wanlov Kubolor, exhibits queerly and uncouth proclivities, your answer has finally arrived; he comes from the animal kingdom – specifically, the monkey species.

Wanlov Kubolor became notoriously popular in Ghana’s showbiz industry with his hit song ‘Kokonsa’ and the wearing of a skirt/wrapper with no underwear and no footwear. Though many thought those were the only mystery surrounding Wanlov Kubolor, he has over the years proven more than the mind can comprehend.

Wanluv Kubolor has shown his penis on live television, snapped a stark naked picture and shard on social media, insulted Nigerians through music, called God a gay, called on God to make him a gay, said he wants to live in solitude in the forest, traded chilly words with colleague musicians, chastised politicians, pooh-poohed revered pastors, and other conducts loured on by both old and young ones in Ghana.

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Though some have speculated that Kubolor might be a victim of substance abuse, a cursed person or just living the life of a true ‘showbizer’ hence his manners, a psychic who has deep insight into mystics and spiritual science, has explained to that Wanlov’s conducts can’t be attributed to any of the aforemtioned reasons.

Rather, Wanlov behaves so because he comes from animal kingdom, specifically, the monkey species. According to the man by name Jnana, “that young man comes from the monkey kingdom or species. Point is, before human beings gets the privilege of inhabiting this human body or form, we transmigrate from 1 of 3 bodies – cow, lion and monkey. It’s a mystery.

Those who transmigrate from cows into this human body live in the mood of goodness and are intelligent, sober, clean, knowledgeable, and very deep thinkers. Some also transmigrate from the lion species into this human form – such people live in the mood of passion. They are aggressive, very wicked, violent, and strong.

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The others also come from the monkey species into this human form. Such human beings are said to live in the mood of ignorance. Such people are less intelligent, behave foolishly, unstable, shameless, and take things for granted. They always want to do things that will generate news for others to talk about – then they become very excited.

Wanlov Kubolor comes from the monkey species, hence the way he behaves. You can’t blame him. It’s not his fault! He is not on drugs! His behavior is coming from the energy he brought from the monkey species into this human form he is now living.”

Jnana ended that “I have heard some of the things he is reported to have done – showing his penis, walking bare footed, and others. No amount of insult can make him change; rather, spiritual guidance can make him get self realization and reform. All of us transmigrated from 1 of these 3 animal species into this human form we now live.”

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Call this cock and bull story! Believe it or not! Scorn it! Whatever your feelings tell you, unfurl it – after all, we’re living in a democratic era. Share a thought if you have any. Until then….MOTWUM!!


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