Show me your office, I will return the trophies you gave me’ – Blakk Rasta to RTP Awards CEO

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Blakk Rasta has disclosed that he is ready to return all the trophies he has won from the RTP Award in the previous years.

This comment from Blakk Rasta comes after the RTP Awards CEO, Prince Mackay asked the media personality to return all award trophies he won after claiming that he doesn’t believe in a “voting to win” scheme.

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In a video shared on Instagram, Blakk Rasta said Mackay once alleged that he (Blakk Rasta) was pained because he wasn’t winning any awards.

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“I heard the CEO of RTP Awards, my very good friend, Mackay, say that Blakk Rasta was so happy when he was winning the awards but now he wants to collapse the award. I am one of those who actually gave him the name. Well, Mackay with all respect and with all love.

“You know that I will never do anything to destroy anything positive that you have started, with all respect Mackay, the thing that you said maybe you said them out of anger. You said Blakk Rasta if you don’t want us to nominate you anymore, bring back the award you gave back to you, wait I am bringing them to you. Show me where your office is, and I will make sure you get all of them. These are all of them,” he said.

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“Remember I told you earlier several years ago that the pole that was holding this one got broken, it was the only one that I had and you promised to replace them. Now you wouldn’t need to replace it. I am returning everything. It’s a matter of principles. Mackay said that when you were winning you didn’t complain, but now that you are not winning, you are getting angry. No! Bossu, it’s not about when I was winning it.

“I am the best Reggae man on the radio whether you like it or not, I don’t need any endorsement. The fans have already endorsed me, time and again. In the whole of Africa, I don’t see anyone who does Reggae on the radio like me,” he added.

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“It’s confidence, it’s not called boasting. People who listen to me from those times till now will tell you that this guy has no peers. I took my time to learn the trade and by the spirit of God I have been able to move. I am the only Reggae presenter in the whole of Africa that does prime-time radio for four hours.

“Mention one more, nobody. In Ghana, those who use to hold the fourth are now relegated to dawn time or late at night when people are asleep. I have no disrespect for them, I love them. That is where they are right now. Let us even push them more, but Blakk Rasta continues to be here from when I started,” he boasted.



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