Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Sinpoa Has Now Made It Easy To Buy & Sell Your Cryptocurrencies In Ghana Now

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Trading in cryptocurrencies is one of the ways to make money in Ghana and those who understand cryptocurrencies and trade in it know about the potentials of cryptocurrencies and it’s bright future.

Getting the right dealer to buy your cryptocurrencies from can be a headache at times as there is always the issue of which dealer to trust as several people have been duped online in their efforts to trade in cryptocurrencies but that shouldn’t be a problem for anyone who wants to trade in cryptocurrencies as a company in Ghana known as Sinpoa makes it easier for people to be able to buy and sell their cryptocurrencies easily and also with convenience.

Sinpoa is a Crypto Exchange company that sells cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and Bitcoin cash. It also buys all of these cryptocurrencies as well from anyone who wants to sell to them. Sinpoa understands the culture of payments in Ghana and other African countries it operates in and also has made the process easy for people to be able to buy and sell as well.

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When you create a Sinpoa account today, you can easily buy your favorite cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin or Bitcoin cash with any of the Mobile Money networks, that is Mtn Mobile Money, Tigo Cash, Airtel Money and Vodafone Cash. That’s not all, you can as well make payments with banks like Cal, Ecobank, and Access.

Sinpoa’s rebranding has given the website a different facelift altogether and we are in love with the sleek design and easily to navigate structure of the website

Their website is sleek, loads very fast and easy to use either on Mobile or desktop and offers a great user experience.

We’ve all heard the news about Cryptocurrencies and the potentials it holds, so it’s important that everyone takes hold of the opportunity by investing in cryptocurrency as there are several success stories of people who have made a fortune out of it.

Well, if you want to buy bitcoin, litecoin, bitcoin cash or ether in Ghana or any of the African countries they operate in, just create a Sinpoa account now and follow these steps to make a purchase.

Click here to create an account
After creating an account, verify it by checking your email, so they know it’s you.
Now you are ready to place your order on the Order page, chose the cryptocurrency you want to buy and  enter the amount you want to buy in dollars and it will convert it to cedis for you, you would be able to see the value of the cryptocurrency you would be buying, then you can decide.
Make payment based on your preferred payment choice

how to create an account on sinpoa

And BOOM! within some few minutes, you should have the cryptocurrency in your account once payment has ben verified.
For anyone who also wants to sell their Cryptocurrency in Ghana,  Togo or Ivory Coast it’s almost the same steps as stated above.

Can I Trust Sinpoa?

Like we’ve stated above, we’ve verified that Sinpoa is a genuine business and not one that would scam anyone. As a blogger who has interest in Cryptocurrency as well, I have an account with them and have been with them for the past 5 months now and have never had an issue. I also have friends who use the exchange because of their strong brand image and great customer support system.

Why Should I Use Sinpoa As My Crypto Exchanger

Sinpoa formerly used to deal in just Bitcoin exchange and the mode of payment was just MTN mobile money but with the growing interest in cryptocurrencies in Ghana, the company felt the need to add other cryptocurrencies and other favorable payment methods. This goes to show how much the company is desired to meeting the demands of its audience.

One of the many interesting things about Sinpoa is that, it offers the cheapest rates for those who want to buy cryptocurrencies in Ghana. If you compare their rates to their competitors, you would realize they are much cheaper. They understand that everyone deserves to hold some cryptocurrency, so have made their rates cheaper and affordable. also is reliable and are able to confirm your bitcoin within an hour and that makes them the fastest currently. No need to wait for hours and days for confirmation anymore.

Currently, the site is able to serve not just someone in Ghana but also those in Togo, and Ivory Coast, so you if you have friends who need a reliable exchanger to use, they should be the person’s sure bet.

In regards to security, the company understands it’s essence and has introduced tight measures to keep your account safe from fraudsters or hacker. I have never had an issue with my account being compromised and with their strong IT team, it makes me feel safe when dealing with them.

Still, want to get a deeper understanding of the subject of Cryptocurrencies and how it works and how to make money from it by investing?  Call Sinpoa on 0554023244 for assistance.

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