Moesha and Efia Odo seem to have a lot in common and they have been termed ‘Slay Queens’ although they are actresses as well. At the 2018 edition of the Ghana Movie Awards which happened on the 30th December 2018 at the Kempinski Hotel, our two favorite girls were there.

Yes, how can there be a big event like the Ghana Movie Awards and Moesha and Efia Odo wouldn’t be there–Like duh?

So you know is a gossip blog, so we like to compare a lot too, which is a pretty normal thing in Showbiz. We want to share Efia Odo’s and Moesha’s look with you so you tell us which of them wore the appropriate dress for the event.

So Efia Odo decided to settle with this ‘Show My Side B00bs’ long dress with some bit of Kente cloth in there. We know she hates bra, so we are not surprised she didn’t wear one at all and at the event, you could easily peep to see the whole ‘asset’ if you get close to her.

Her dress had that split on the thigh area–Perhaps she wants us to appreciate her smooth thighs and in some of the poses, she shows her that butt.

See her photos below, then we look at Moesha’s own.


And here’s what the 2018 husband sharer wore ( I like Moesha because she would not snatch your husband completely from you…lol).

So Moesha settled for a purple dress that covers her well but left some space so we can take a peep at the b00bs–Oh how I love dem b00bs.

Ummm, I’m not a fashion blogger so I can’t tell the material type used in sewing the dress but it looks thick and lovely.

She then adds a clutch to strike that elegant pose you see in the pictures below.

So who wore the appropriate dress for the 2018 Ghana Movie Awards? Share with us in comments below.

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