Some Fans Force Celebrities To Live Fake Lives With Their Constant Criticisms – Belinda Dzattah Claims

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Curvaceous Ghanaian Actress Belinda Dzattah has said that celebrity fans mount too much pressure on the celebrities to live a certain lifestyle.

Speaking on the Class Drive on Class91.3FM  in a recent interview, Belinda  told show host Prince Benjamin that: “Sometimes, some of us (actresses) put pressure on ourselves, and some others, too, they make the society put pressure on them. Some of us put pressure on ourselves in the sense that: I’ll see what Prince is doing and I’ll want to do the same, forgetting that he’s Prince and I’m Belinda”. She noted.

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She further added; “And some of our fans or society, too, they expect too much from us. Someone will ask you: ‘This celebrity doesn’t go on vacation, she doesn’t do this’ and because they see actress A or Actor A going on vacation, posting pictures, they will be like:’This one is richer than this’ but forgetting that sometimes the trips or whatever, maybe, it might be sponsorship. Maybe they have an airline that sponsors them to fly about. So me I don’t let that pressure get to me when I feel like I want to do it, I’ll do it, when I feel like it’s not in my desire to do it I’ll not.”

Belinda also noted  that fans expect too much from celebrities.

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“…They force us, they expect too much from us because someone will see you, you’ll be on screen they expect you to do this, ‘I expect you to drive a so-so-and-so car, why are you driving a corolla? Why are you driving this, why are you driving that’, forgetting that we are human beings like them. You’ll sometimes read comments on your picture and you’ll wonder what have I done wrong.”

“It’s you guys, they’ll be like have you seen her shoes, she’s a whole star, see the kind of shoes she’s wearing, the pressure comes from you guys”. Belinda noted.

Belinda’s comments somewhat confirms that most celebrities live a fake life just to get some likes on their social media platforms.

Well, sometimes you have to shut your ears to the world and do what is best for you else you’ll end up living a fake life to please people.

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