“Some Friends Refuse To Associate With You Because All You Talk About Is ‘Babes’ When You Meet”-Reno Omokri

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Reno Omokri, the Nigerian social media fanatic has said that some people refuse to associate with their old friends because all they talk about any time they meet them is ‘babes’ or the guys they successfully lured into bed.

According to him, it isn’t that they are not proud when they refuse to associate with some friends again, it is just that they have reached that level in life where they have come to realise that life is not all about babes and guys.

Reno Omokri added that they refuse to associate with you because what they now desire is discussions relating to businesses and not the talk of babes, and so if you keep talking about them instead of business, they will shun your company.

Reno Omokri said this in a post on his Instagram page, where he also said that such people who do not what to associate any longer with some friends have developed whereas their old friends haven’t, and that often makes it difficult for them to mingle because there is a change in class.

“Some friends you think are too proud to associate with you are not really proud.

The truth is that they have developed.

But you have not developed.

When they hang with you, all you talk about are babes or guys, while they want to talk about business.

You want to talk about the latest #BBNaija housemate to pose naked.

They want to talk about the latest emerging market to invest in.

You guys no longer operate on the same level.

So they move on, because “DEEP calls to DEEP”-Psalm 42:7,” Reno Omokri wrote.

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