Some Women Exhange Their Bodies For Ice Cream And Fried Rice So Stop Judging Those Who Exchange It For Movie Roles- Prince David Osei

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Handsome Ghanaian actor Prince David Osei otherwise known as “Spiderdee” has asked the public to stop judging young ladies who exchange their bodies for movie roles as there are some women who do it for fried rice and ice cream.

Speaking in an interview on Graphic Showbiz, Prince David Osei explained that  even through he is not in support of wannabe actress exchanging sex for movie roles, he feels they shouldn’t be judged harshly. He however advised upcoming actresses to stop flaunting their bodies on social media for attention and rather concentrate on their God-given talents.


“Every aspiring actor should be talented, work on the talent and make sure you are the master of your craft. That is the reason why even those with talents seek formal education to polish their craft. This is because, the movie industry is choked with many talented actresses and so if your only focus is to flaunt your bodies to become a movie star, then you definitely have to look elsewhere,” Prince David stated.

While admonishing would-be actors to take their crafts more seriously, Prince David Osei actor said he doesn’t find it wrong for ladies to exchange sex for roles if they have the talent since the practice is common among humans.

“Even though I don’t have evidence for these claims, I don’t think it is a big deal if two adults have consensual sex. Sex happens everywhere and the practice is not peculiar to the movie or entertainment sector alone. “lSome ladies have exchanged sex for a bowl of fried rice, ice cream and some get payment for as low as GHC10 so if another wants to do it to secure a role, I don’t see anything wrong with it. “However, you should be talented so that you ride on that to achieve your target or dream as an actor”, Prince David added.

Prince David is currently promoting a movie titled ” Fix Us”  produced by YN Productions  which owned by actress, Yvonne Nelson.

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