Saturday, February 29, 2020

Some Women In Ghana Take Their Waist Beads To Pastors To Pray On It In Order To Attract Potential Husbands (Video)

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When a child is born a string or two of beads are worn for him or her, irrespective of the gender. As a male baby becomes a toddler, his beads are removed, but for a female child on the other hand, she is to keep wearing beads ‘forever’.

But today in the urban area, here in Accra, far away from the small towns and rural societies where tradition and custom hold sway, ladies, educated ones and career women are observing and practicing the custom.

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When you observe the beads on display in Makola and elsewhere on the streets of the city, you can say ladies here are wearing beads of different colours, colour combinations and designs just like any woman would wear. Usually, the beads are made of hard plastics, glass wood or metal. They are strung together on a fairly strong string.

Waist beads from Ghana have been used by women as a way of increasing their sexuality as they help in enhancing their physical attributes. No wonder waist beads from Ghana are widely used by women all over the continent and world. Beads on waists act as a good substitute to the waist trainer. In a recent report by Ama Bornagain on the “Beads Segment” of ‘Ye ko fie’ with Paa Kwesi Mizpah on Neat FM,  she tells stories about how some women use waist beads to attract men. In the video below, she also revealed how some women take their waist beads to pastors to pray on it in order to attract potential husbands.

Watch full video below;

I would only believe in God if He Reveals himself to me- Shugga Tit (WATCH SHOCKING INTERVIEW BELOW) 😃 👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿
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