Someone paid Bola Ray to destroy my music career – Borax

Borax, a singer from Ghana, claims that a friend of his paid off prominent radio hosts and DJs so that they wouldn’t play his songs.

In the early 2000s, when hiplife was at its peak in Ghana, Borax was a major player in the scene. He had some of the industry’s biggest stars on his show, but then he mysteriously stopped making music.

Borax, who has been working on a return, recently visited Giovani Caleb on the 3FM Drive to discuss his new album and clear the air on some outstanding issues.

According to the rapper/dancehall performer, a singer had phoned media figure Bola Ray, who at the time was a radio presenter, and asked him to cease playing his song so that the singer could make more money.

He said that someone else had contacted high-life musician Daddy Lumba and asked him why he was using Borax in his music.

Borax has explained his prolonged absence by saying he needs time to focus on personal development and expanding his horizons.

While gone, he did things like work in the Parliament House and pursue academic opportunities.


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