Somhale Split: Legend Manqele Denies Leaking Mohale’s Damning Audio, Who Dropped It Remains Vague 

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As the marriage of Mohale and Somizi is being investigated by tweep and they seem to have split, Mohale was receiving accusations for being a gold digger

These accusations on Mohale seem to have taken a sudden turn after the infamous recording of him and Legend Manqele, the former Living The Dream producer surfaced as abuse allegations came up.

The audiotape triggered folks on the internet to react on social media as many got to know that Mohale was the victim of the whole abusive marriage which made Somizi got several companies to end their working relationship with him.

Mohale however released a press statement that his agency has sacked him after Somizi released a statement so the two are facing the wrath of the leaked audio but now the question many people are asking is the one who leaked the audio.

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Legend Manqele is now being fingered as the culprit who leaked the audio as the conversation was privately recorded with him but Legend Manqele has debunked leaking saying he was amazed to found out about it.

Legend made this known when speaking with TrueLove noting that he has no idea who would leak the audio adding that he has been accused of numerous times in his life but this is big for him to handle.

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