South African lady with hʋge bαckside send clubbers on cloud nine with sleek moves

South African women are famed for their incredibly huge backside and this woman contained in this report made sure this widespread truth is deeply consolidated.

A video to this effect capturing the moment the woman with her huge nyash thrilled clubbers with some sleek moves has surfaced on the internet.

The sensuality and allure she emitted have eventually sent men’s pulses racing unendingly.

In other news available on, a report of a septuagenarian who had never had sex with a man in her entire life owing to her own health problems has been shared.

Sharing her predicament to a wider audience on Afrimax, the physically challenged woman said she was born in 1952, but she had no issues with her legs then.

She said she had a challenge with mobility but her parents assured her things would change when she grows but her worst fears were confirmed with the passage of time.

Genevieve was said to have been infected as a child, which affected her legs, making the woman a liability for her parents.

This affected her education and interaction with other people as her parents could not even afford a wheelchair for her to move around.

In the meantime, she said she wants a 21-year-old man to start to have a relationship with.


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