Friday, February 28, 2020

‘Speaking The Truth In Ghana Is Very Hard’- Yvonne Nelson

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Ghanain actress, Yvonne Nelson has lamented the attitude of Ghanaians and their way of clothing everyone with a political colours when one wants to express his views about things going wrong in the country.

The mother of one said because of this attitude, several people are more are afraid to stand up to the truth and even used her famous campaign against Dumsor during the tutelage of former president John Dramani Mahama as a case study.

“Who wasn’t suffering when we had issues with our power crisis…people were dying, people were suffering…business were closing down so it was really surprising when I saw these comments and people bashing [me],

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The actress noted that she believes the flaks came from “…People in the NDC, it was just a party thing…” even though she had no political agenda because she had to put even her family on the line.

“After my campaign, people were threatening me, did the NPP give me security? Did they give me policemen to guard my house? I could not sleep at home it was that bad. Where was the NPP when my life was in danger?” Yvonne Nelson quizzed.

To her, the dumsor vigil was non partisan, adding that anyone could have just shot her in the crowd during the demonstration.

“Speaking the truth is so hard in this country, why is that so? That’s my problem…”, she added.

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