SRC President of Ghana School of Law asked to resign for failing exams; tells his side of the story

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SRC President of Ghana School of Law asked to resign for failing exams

President of the Student’s Representative Council (SRC) of the Ghana School of Law, Philemon Laar has resigned.

Mr. Laar attributes his resignation to the school management’s withdrawal of its recognition of his Presidency, with further threats to withhold funding support to the SRC should he remain at post.

In February 2021, school authorities wrote to the SRC to replace Mr. Laar after he failed the Professional Law Course Exam Part 1 notwithstanding that, Mr. Laar’s application for a remarking of the exams was still pending.

But in a letter to the SRC, Mr. Laar said he disagreed with the management’s decision hence his resignation with immediate effect.

He described it as an affront to the SRC Constitution and undue interference in student leadership but maintained he would resign as demanded.

“The decision to resign was occasioned by the apparent deadlock between the SRC and the management of the Ghana School of Law on whether an administrative fiat should be the basis to withdraw recognition for me as a democratically-elected executive of the SRC. I was unsuccessful in the October 2020 PLC examinations. Like several other students displeased about their results, and convinced that the examination did not reflect their industry and performance, I applied to have my scripts remarked. Results of the said remarking are yet to be released”, an extract of his letter stated.

Meanwhile, the SRC of the Ghana School of Law has accepted their President’s decision to vacate his position.

In their acceptance statement, they wished Philemon Laar well and expressed gratitude to him for his selfless leadership.

“The SRC has accepted his decision to step down from his role as the President of the SRC. The SRC wishes to express its gratitude to him for his selfless service to the student body and wishes him the very best in his future endeavours. In safeguarding the interest of all students, the Executive Council will engage all other stakeholders of the SRC on the way forward”, it noted.


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