“Start Saving Money To Buy Gifts For Your Boyfriends On Valentine’s Day; They Also Deserve Gifts From You,”-Ifu Ennada Advises Women

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Nigerian reality TV star Ifu Ennada has admonished women to also get their men gifts on Valentine’s day and not only be expecting gifts from them this time around.

According to her, men also deserve to be showered with gifts too, not just with the usual boxer shorts and singlets but something more valuable.

Ifu Ennada did give a shade in her submission as she said that what she was writing was applicable to guys who are awesome and often give them the best treatment.

As for those who do not treat ladies well, and go about cheating on them, she entreated girls to leave them before valentine’s day even comes.

She called those guys useless and so they should just dump them and hit her up to get them new boyfriends.

Girls & Valentine’s Day…

Dear Girl… start saving money to buy him a Valentine’s Day Gift.

Them no forbid you to do for am too.

PS: Pls leave Boxers & Singlets alone this year – except they’re Designers.

Everything i’ve been writing about only applies to ”awesome boyfriends”, not ”Lying Ass Cheating Bastards”.

If you’re dating a useless man, please dump him before Valentine’s day, then hit us up, we go arrange boyfriend for you,” Ifu Ennada wrote on her Instastories.

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