Steflon Don’s Reply To A Female Fan Who Complained She Stole Burna Boy From Her

We recently published news that Nigerian Superstar Burna Boy is currently dating British rapper Steflon Don which got almost everyone on the internet talking.

In case you missed that article which includes video evidence, click HERE.

It’s somewhat startling when some ladies take to the comment section of male celebrities to express how they feel about them.

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In one of Burna Boy’s recent posts, Steflon Don commented and then some ladies started attacking her saying she stole their man while others begged her to leave Burna Boy for them.

The British rapper probably found it interesting as she also replied one of the ladies who complained of her stealing her ‘man’.

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Steflon replied saying “Sorry Sis”. One could actually see how the ladies just love Burna Boy and the extent to which they will do anything to have him:




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