Steve Harvey To Snoop Dogg: “Respect The Office Of The President”

President Donald Trump is an unpopular figure amongst the black race and this is no secret. But for Snoop Dogg to hit below the belt by degrading the president in his Lavender video has been tagged as distasteful by many including Kimberly Guifoyle who has even suggested Snoop Dogg should be killed.

Donald Trump did not take kindly to Snoop’s antics and quickly retorted in a tweet that Snoop Dogg’s career has hit a snag. He wrote, “Can you imagine what the outcry would be if (Snoop Dogg), failing career and all, had aimed and fired the gun at President Obama? Jail time!”

In the video which was inspired by BADBADNOTGOOD’s song, the Drop it like it’s hot rapper shot a Donald Trump impersonator with a toy gun. Of course many of colleagues are in favour of what he did; notable amongst them are Bow Wow and T.I.

So amidst the foregoing, Popular TV host and comedian, Steve Harvey has offered a piece of advice to the lanky rapper. He said the office of the president should be respected and that all rappers should ‘be smart with what they say.’

“You got money and they know how to go after that money. Just be smart, handle your business. Let me tell ya man, leave the first lady out of this. Y’all going down another path with these cats now. You start messing with they wives…I’ll tell y’all you going down another path,” Harvey said.

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