Yes, the rumours are getting thicker by the day and his fans have called on him to leave Zylofon Music for obvious reasons. While there are reports that Stonebwoy is leaving Zylofon music over reasons that he’s jealous Shatta Wale was signed to Zylofon without his knowledge, rumours also say that he wants to leave because Shatta Wale is being given a superior treatment at the label than him.

It’s hard to conclude at anything at this stage as we are waiting for an official statement either from Zylofon Music or the camp of Stonebwoy to speak on these rumours so everyone can be calm but at we know for a fact that, if Stonebwoy decides to terminate his contract with Zylofon music abruptly without any valid claims or reasons, he would be expected to pay a fine.

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Yes! When any record label signs any artiste, there’s a contract and although Zylofon Media refused to give the details of their contract between them and Stonebwoy, we know that his deal with them was for a 3-5 year duration and so he’s not even spent a year there since he was signed.

In order to foster understanding, and arrive at what to do when there is a breach of contract, it’s common knowledge that, a clause that explains how matters would have to be resolved should there be a misunderstanding and one party wants to terminate a contract.

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An insider has tipped that, should Stonebwoy decide to leave Zylofon music over such minor issues which could be resolved easily, he would need to pay an amount of money to Zylofon as outlined in their exit clause, which both parties have signed to.

So how much would Stonebwoy pay should he decide to leave Zylofon Music?

The source wasn’t specific on the amount but from speculations that Stonebwoy was signed for some $1.5 million, an amount that enticed him to join the label, he would be expected to pay not less than $2million back to Zylofon, should he decide to leave the record label.

So will Stonebwoy ever decide to leave looking at how much he would have to pay as his bailout? Are the rumors that Asamoah Gyan would be the one to bail him out also true?

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