Stonebwoy”s ‘We Move” track is an alleged stolen song of two underground artistes [Videos]

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Stonebwoy can be said to have allegedly stolen the works, concepts and song of two underground artistes.

His recent track “We Move” which is trending on major streaming platforms has a striking resemblance, firstly, to that of Click Huus song, “Ma Sparki”.

The beat, rendition and some of the lyrics of Stonebwoy’s “We Move” track can be likened to Click Huus’ “Ma Sparki” which was released earlier this month and features Kofi Mole and Yaw Tog.

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Also, the “We Move, we move, we move” chorus can be found in a song done by one underground rapper called Beatzhynez titled “We move”.

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Therefore, it can be concluded without admitting that Stonebwoy either took inspiration from these songs, did not know such songs existed or allegedly stole their works.

Some tweets from Ghanaians who also think Stonebwoy just might have sampled the works of the aforementioned rappers are below:

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Listen to the “We Move” track by Stonebwoy below and make your independent judgement


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