Stop Complaining When Your Boyfriend Sleeps With Another Person, He Isn’t Married To You – Reno Omokri

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When we talk about two young people dating, sex naturally comes to mind as it has become an acceptable norm in relationships.

Most young couple are in the habit of having pre marital sex all in the name of dating and some of them even complain of their partners cheating on them.

Well, this according to Reno Omokri is stupid because having premarital sex is cheating on God, hence no boyfriend or girlfriend have the right to complain if their partners are sleeping with other people aside them.


According to the social media influencer, cheating only occurs in marriages hence those who are unmarried yet doing what married people do have no right in in complaining about being cheated on.

Taking to his Twitter page, Reno admonished young couples to stop fornicating all in the name of dating and start doing the right thing by marrying those they claim to love.

He wrote: ” It is impossible for boyfriends to cheat on girlfriends. Cheating can only occur in marriages. I have no sympathy for any girl who claims her boyfriend cheated on her. If both of you are having premarital sex, it is the two of you who are cheating God!!”.

Do you agree with him? Share your thoughts with us.

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