“Stop Liking Pictures Of Ladies In Bikinis”-Erica Campbell Tells Married Pastors And Preachers

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American gospel singer, Erica Campbell has a message for Pastors, especially married ones, regarding their social media activities.

According to her, pastors and preachers, those who have wives especially, have to stop liking pictures of ladies in sexy bikinis on social media.

Social media is normally awash with pictures of ladies in the bikinis, half-naked, and they do that just for the likes that they will get.

What they do with those likes, not too sure what it is, they alone know.

No matter how tempting those pictures are, Erica Campbell believes that pastors have to be disciplined enough to avoid liking them.

She said this in her Instagram stories where she added that even when the captions added to those sexy bikinis are so deep and spiritual, they should just avoid liking them.

“Hey, preachers and pastors, you should re-think liking the pictures of ladies in sexy bikinis, especially when you’re married.

Even when the caption is deep and spiritual! you shouldn’t double tap. Ijs,” she wrote.

Erica Campbell is an American urban contemporary gospel, Christian R&B and contemporary R&B singer and songwriter.

She has several gospel tracks to her credit including; “A little more of Jesus“, “all of my life”, “All I need is you” among many others.

Below is the screenshot of her call on pastors and preachers to stop liking pictures of ladies in sexy bikinis on social media;

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