‘Stop Listening To My Music’- Angry Emelia Brobbey Finally Tells Her Critics

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Emelia Brobbey

A fed-up Emelia Brobbey has told her critics bluntly that they should stop listening to her songs if they find it unappealing.

The actress cum singer has heavily been criticized for her inferior production since she became a musician but an unfazed Emelia is calling the bluff of the critics by asking them to stop listening to her songs. He made this known while speaking to

“I was hurt and felt bad when people start insulting and criticizing me. So I was like why do you criticize me? If you think you don’t like my song or video don’t listen or watch it”. Emelia Brobbey said this on Accra based Angel FM. It got to a point somebody told me my voice was like the sound made by 555 saucepans”, she sadly added.

Meanwhile, Emelia Brobbey is out with new songs that feature the likes of Kuami Eugene and Wendy Shay.

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