“Stop Paying For Women Who Don’t Want You”-Efia Odo Admoishes Men

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Without being judgemental, it is quite an open secret that most women earn their living off the pockets of men who ask them out and normally, they don’t want to associate with these men but the money is more often than not, what gets them closer to them.

In what is an admonishment to men, Efia Odo said that it is not prudent for a man to continuously pay for a woman that doesn’t want him.

Some men have the penchant to spend so much on ladies that do not want them, even when it becomes apparent to them that they just want to spend the money and leave.

Such women Efia Odo believes should not be given any chance by men and so they should identify them and do away with them as soon a possible.

To her, it is important that a man dates a woman that genuinely wants to be with you and not one that is just in to blow your cash and when you get broke, they search for the next cash cow to milk.

Efia Odo made this admonishment in a tweet on Monday where she wrote;

“Stop going after men that don’t want you. Stop paying for women who don’t want you. Date people who genuinely like and appreciate you and not what you can do for them financially or sexually.”

That is some advice worthy of note and consideration from Efia Odo.

It is not every day that she spices up the internet and make men go haywire with her usually erratic pictures.

Here’s her tweet;

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