Stop throwing expensive burials – Rev. Gopep admonishes Christians

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Christians have been advised to quit spending a lot of money on elaborate funerals for their loved ones and focus on helping the living.

On September 25, Rev. Fr. Godfrey Gopep, Parish Priest of St. Finbarrs’ Catholic Church in Rayfield, Jos, offered the counsel in a sermon.

Gopep claimed that planning pricey funerals for departed loved ones would not guarantee their passage to heaven.

According to NAN, he said: ”I have observed that most Christian burials are expensive; we sink huge amounts of money to bury our loved ones. Sometimes, those who donated huge sums for the burial didn’t support the deceased when he or she was alive.

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It has become like a show and competition among families; I heard that some churches now demand a fee before they conduct funerals.

I advise Christians to cut down how they spend huge amounts to bury the de@d and learn to support people when they are alive.”

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