Strange world- Mourners take body of their friend from coffin and put him on motorbike for his last ride

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Some young men decided to give their murdered friend the “last ride to heaven” after they removed his body from a coffin and placed him on a motorbike. 

Photos of this strange decision they took have been shared on the internet and gaining prominence on some sections of the internet.

The deceased has been identified as Erick Cedeno, 21, who was shot and killed by two gunmen last weekend while on his way to a funeral in Portoviejo, Ecuador’s Manabi province.

Well, his friends actually obtained permission from his family before they put him on the motorbike and took him on his final ride.

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Cedeno’s body is seen being removed from his wooden casket and carried towards a waiting motorcycle in video footage.

He was then seated behind the rider of the bike, with another companion seated behind Cedeno to guarantee his body did not slide off during the journey.

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See the images below;

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