Breakdown: Strongman ‘murders’ Sarkodie, Medikal & GH Rappers in new track “No D!ss” [Watch]

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Sarkodie should have gotten an investor before signing Akwaboah and myself – Strongman advises his former boss

Strongman has always looked for a very cunning way to throw jabs at GH rappers in most of his songs through the delivery on hard punches that can throw a shaky career out of balance.

He has come back with a new track titled “No Diss” but ironically, the song is full of trolls, shades and innuendoes thrown repeatedly at his obvious competitors.

The “No Diss” track has the hip-hop vibe with Strongman beginning by talking about how strong and insurmountable he is in the Ghana music industry as far as rap is concerned.

His verses were full of jabs for the likes of Medikal and Sarkodie…although he looked for an intelligent way to convey his deepest reservations to “whom it may concern.”

Below are some of the lines Strongman dropped which when decoded are straight jabs to other Medikal or Sarkodie.

1, “You are a human being like us, stop acting like a ruminant”… this is a straight jab to Sarkodie because “ruminant” as used refers to GOAT…so Strongman wants to tell Sarkodie to stop acting like GOAT of GH rap because he is just a human being.

2, “…He said when Gh rappers were mentioned, his name was not included…do I sell tomatoes at Obuasi?”… this is a straight jab to Medikal where he once said GH rappers cannot be mentioned without his name been featured strongly…so Strongman is asking what about him? Is he a tomatoes seller?

3, …If you are waiting for me to fade, then a supposed ‘mallam’ is your saviour. Does the Ghana rapper who is rushing has a space in the graveyard”… well there is only one Ghanaian rapper who rushes and your guess is good as mine.

4, …You claim to be the King but most of yall are Donkors… who is the acclaimed King of Ghana rap? Obviously, that’s Sarkodie. So Strongman is tryna say Sarkodie claims to be the King but indeed he does not qualify for that title…perhaps other young kings were also targetted here.

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