Sunetra Sastry Biography and Net Worth

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Sunetra Sastry is a Popular Television Personality was born in Newcastle, England in the United Kingdom. She was born on the 5th day of September,1957.

Sunetra Sastry suffered bullying as a result of racism against Indians. This is because her father is from India while her mother was a British. Her mother also suffered same to the extent of being disowned by her family when she decided marry an Indian man.

Age 64
Place of Birth Newcastle, UK
Nationality  British/Indian
Marital status   
Profession Television Personality 


After she completed her high school education, she attended the Beauty College in London despite the fact that her parents were against her decision to this career. According to her parents, they expected her to rather be a nurse. However they later supported her in realizing her dream.

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Sunetra Sastry Career

BBC network hired the energetic and promising Sunetra Sastry as a makeup artist in 1980’s. “Black Adder” which is a pseudo- historical situational comedy launched by BBC was one of her most prominent projects she worked eked on.

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Sunetra Sastry as a member of the makeup department was also credited for the television series “Blackadder ll” in addition to the movie “Smack and Thistle”. Currently, Sunetra Sastry abandoned her profession in other to focus on her personal life and supporting her two children.


In 1986, Sunetra Sastry met her better half Rowan Atkinson when she was on set as a makeup artist . Rowan fell in love with Sunetra the very first time they met each other. when Rowan realized that Sunetra is brilliant, Finn and captivating he asked her out. After three years of the the famous comedian Rowan proposed to his sweetheart Sunetra.


Sunetra Sastry And her husband
Sunetra Sastry and her husband

Later in 1990, the couple got married in a beautiful ceremony held in the Russian Tea Room which is a famous restaurant in the City of New York. Their weeding was a remarkable one among their friends and families.

After three years of marriage, the couple welcomed their first child named Benjamin Alexander. And in 1995, they gave birth to their second child named Lily Grace. Currently, beautiful Lily bears her mother’s surname instead of his father’s.

Their marriage life continues to be one of the best until Rowan has fallen in love with another woman in 2015. This woman that Rowan falls for is actress Louise Ford. 

The above behavior of Rowan soon generated to the circulation of cheating rumors. But surprisingly, none of them came out to debunk or confirmed the rumor. Soon after the divorce between Rowan and Sunetra in November 2015, the comedian began moving around with Louise publicly. Later Louise gave birth to a new baby which was fathered by Rowan. 

Currently, Sunetra decided to keep herself away from the spotlight of the public to devote her energy to self care. Her story is indeed fascinating and unique in its own right. 

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Sunetra Sastry Net Worth 

Beside her career as a makeup artist, she has an exciting personal lifestyle as the wife of “The Office” star Steve Carnell.

Sunetra Sastry earns $37k annually and she has a net worth of over $15 million. She earned this through her career and from the divorce settlement with her ex husband Rowan Atkinson.

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