Supa Goes To Kumawood: Plays The Role Of A ‘Gangsta’ In New Movie With Lil Win


Ever wondered what our ‘toothless’ celebrity, Supa have been up to? Well, he was busy reading his scripts for a new Kumawood movie which would soon be out.

In a new movie that is being shot in Kumawood, Supa is seen playing the role of a gangsta in it and he brings his real-life character into play in this one.

Although a synopsis for the movie is not yet known, it’s clear it’s going to be one of those comic Kumawood movies considering the fact that, our very own Lil Win is in it as well. We’ve also seen top actress Vivian Jill in it as well.

We would follow this movie and keep you posted. Watch the video of Supa acting in the movie below:


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