Suspicious Nigerian lady searches every room of her boyfriend thinking another girl is hiding there (Video)

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A woman who surely has trust issues stormed her boyfriend’s house and launched a frantic search to fish out another woman purportedly hiding in his room.

Her suspicions were aroused when she visited him and saw he has put on blue lights denoting a sensual ambience.

Apparently, it was a prank designed by her man to see her reaction and she fell right for it as she started asking him a series of questions while searching for the other girl.

To consolidate his prank, the young man put a teddy bear under the bedsheet and lay with no clothes on, so she moved closer and removed the sheets to see that nothing was there.

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She moved to the other room to check whether a girl was hiding, but when she saw no one else apart from his roommate, she became relaxed and jovially started hitting him.

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