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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are Spending $113,850 To Hire A Surrogate For Their 3rd Child

You’ve probably heard of Kim Kardashian’s condition–placenta accreta–which makes having another child life-threatening and Kim soo wants to have another child but since her condition wouldn’t allow her, she’s decided with her husband Kanye West to hire a surrogate to have their third child. According to a report on TMZ, the couple found the surrogate through an agency and agreed …

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Video: 50 Cent Mocks Kanye West & Kim Kardashian After Hospitalization: He ‘Ain’t Right’

Shade alert! 50 Cent took to Instagram to mock Kanye West and Kim Kardashian on Nov. 27, sharing a video that poked fun at Yeezy after his hospitalization. The rapper also noted how Jay Z needs to call Ye since he ‘ain’t right.’ See the shocking clip! Too soon? 50 Cent is known for speaking his mind, whether it bothers people or not. So of course, the …

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Kanye West: I didn’t vote but if I did, ‘I would have voted for Trump’

Kanye West has mentioned that he didn’t vote in the US Elections but if he had voted, he sure would have voted for Donald Trump, who is now the President elect of the United States. Kanye who had revealed sometime back that, he would run for president in 2020 told a shocked audience in California ,that he did not vote but …

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Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ Video: Fans Freak After Seeing Taylor Swift Naked

Kanye West has released the music video for his song “Famous” which is also on his album, Life Of Pablo and from reports in the USA, Kanye West did the unthinkable. Kanye featured naked images of Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, Caitlyn Jenner and tons more, and fans are losing their freakin’ minds! See their stunned reactions, right here. What the …

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Photos: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Step Out In Style For Vogue 100 Festival

You just can’t  hate this power couple. The Vogue 100 Festival saw Kanye West & his wife Kim Kardashian  bring some style. The couple just looked adorable in the photos below at The Vogue Festival: Fashion, Friendship and Fabulous Lashes talk on Saturday. See the photos of them below: 

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Is Kanye West Really $53 Million In Debt? Here’s What We Know

If you are an active twitter user, you might have seen several tweets from Kanye West ranting and ranting all week. In one of his many Tweets, the American rapper disclosed that he was in debt for over $53 million and it really shocked  lots of people. It would have been disastrous if Kanye West was really in debt  but it …

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You Should See the $20 million Mansion Kanye and Kim Just Bought

Yeah right, money sure is sweet and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West shows you how. The couple have thrown a whooping $20 million on a mansion. They want all to believe that their marriage is not a sham after 76 days or so of marriage. Although the couple were living with Kris Jenner, they have their own mansion which is …

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jay z-n-beyonce-breakup

If it had been a movie, it would have been Clash of Titans but it’s still a clash of the power couples! Ghbase.Com has found out that Jay Z and Beyonce have ceased all contact with his buddy Kanye West and his bride Kim Kardashian, who had spent the last two years pushing to get closer to the stars, an …

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We never thought we’d see this day! Jay Z and Kanye West are apparently not seeing eye-to-eye. According to reports, Jigga didn’t like the fact that Yeezy gave him advice about marriage after the infamous elevator fight with Solange. ”Jay thought it was laughable that Kanye was trying to give him tips when he’s only been hitched two minutes,” a …

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