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Nadia Buari Plays A Lead Role In A New Movie Titled ‘BREACHED’

breached movie

It’s been long I brought you guys some update on movies in Ghana. I have been busy watching some other stuff, you know. Well, there’s this new movie which features Nadia Buari titled ‘Breached’ directed by  Abu Idi and produced by ISIKA RICHARD (emperor). This new movie would  be exciting especially when it’s going to be the first movie, we …

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Nadia Buari Shares New Photo Of Her Twins & Words Are Not Enough To Describe How Cute They Look Now

Nadia Buari has shared a new photo of her twins who are all grown up now and looking all beautiful. The A-list actress perhaps is still not ready to show the world the face of her twins as all the pictures she’s shared of them in the past don’t show their faces. The twins who are as beautiful as their …

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Nadia Buari Is Undeserving Of New Ambassadorial Role? Here’s The Filla

Nadia Buari Was Announced As Ambassador For 2016 Golden Movie Awards

So on the 24th May, 2016, the second edition of the Golden Movie Awards Africa, (GMAA) was launched and the nominees for this year’s event were also announced. Just like all other award schemes held everywhere, controversies has started on the prestigious award ceremony that seeks to award people in the film industry. At the launch, Nadia Buari was announced …

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What Is Your Measure Of Riches For Ghanaian Celebrities – Yvonne Nelson, Nadia Buari, John Dumelo, Jackie Appiah, Sarkodie, Others?

who is richest celeb in ghana

Riches or richness is a word that does not have a definite definition because it is very subjective to situations and understandings. What are riches to one man might be interpreted by another as poverty in disguise. A man may call himself a rich man but as far as another man is concerned, he’s the poorest of all men. To …

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Read Nadia Buari’s First Letter To Her Fans Who Wanted To Know Something About Her Twins

By now, you must have heard that Ghanaian actress, Nadia Buari had given birth to two beautiful set of twin girls. The news which was confirmed by her father came as a shock to most Ghanaians, since no one got a hint of her pregnancy or saw any sign which showed that she was pregnant. Well, that’s something Nadia Buari …

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And Now Nadia Buari Gives Birth To Twins Somewhere Outside Ghana| She Now Has 3 Children!

We suspected something all along but we just wanted to wait sometime more, but it appears our suspicions were true. The A-List actress, Nadia Buari aged 32 is reported to have given birth to twins somewhere outside Ghana. The father of Nadia Buari, Alhaji Sidiku Buari confirmed to Myjoyonline .com monday morning. He said “It’s true, she brought forth twins …

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This Condolence Message From Nadia Buari To Majid Michel Got Everyone Crying But..

Yesterday December 5th, was indeed a sad day for actor Majid Michel, as he finally laid his mother to rest. It is a painful event in the life of everyone to loose the woman who gave birth to you. He was truly not alone as most of the Ghanaian celebrities were there to support him. Every celebrity had sent him …

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Another Girl Tattoos A Celebrity’s Name On Her Body: A Desperate Attempt For Attention Or They Are Paid To Do So?

R n B sensation, Jon Germain is reported to have his name tattooed on the hands of an alleged Korean girlfriend, by the name Nadia Jeong. Jon Germain, who had once dated Yvonne Nelson in the past, is said to be having a current relationship with this young girl in the photo. He must be a lucky guy to have …

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Nadia Buari Should Be Careful, Because Jim Iyke Is A Wicked Man-Ex of Jim

Ex claims Jim Iyke is ‘a wicked man,’ but wishes Nadia well. For over six years, she had given her all to a romance that had been celebrated, touted and written about as one that was made in heaven. For six years, they had projected the image of a blissfully happy couple that could do no wrong. Her boyfriend of …

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Now This Photo Of Nadia Buari Will Just Validate That She’s Got Envious Shape!

Wow! Now that’s really Nadia Buari. We just couldn’t ignore this photo. We just wanted you to see it because, you might be seeing it for the first time here. If you do follow Nadia Buari on Twitter, you would be motivated each time not by just admiring her charming beauty but her words of motivation and bible qoutations to …

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