Tatjana Patitz siblings: Meet Sophie Patitz

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Tatjana Patitz was a German model and actress who achieved international prominence in the 1980s and 1990s representing fashion designers on runways and in magazines such as Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue.

Tatjana Patitz age

Patitz was born on 25 May 1966 and died on 11 January 2023. This means she was 56 when she died.

Tatjana Patitz biography

Patitz was raised in Skanör, Sweden, after being born in Hamburg, Germany. Her father was a German travel journalist who made it possible for his family to visit and live abroad. Patitz’s mother was a dancer from Estonia who appeared at Paris’ illustrious Le Lido.

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According to Patitz’s parents, their romance was the result of two people falling in love and choosing to spend the rest of their lives together.

Her parents first met at a wine tasting in a bodega in Spain where her mother was a student touring with a modern dance group. Patitz started horseback riding when he was seven years old. She took part in horse camps at her family’s summer holiday house on the island of Mallorca, where she found solace.

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Patitz expressed her love of horses as follows: “Since I was a young child, I have been riding. It connotes independence, kinship, and devotion to me. For me, horses help to relieve anxiety and tension. They are sincere and religious. They cheer me up and make me feel at ease, especially when I’m stressed or anxious.”

Tatjana Patitz death

On 11 January 2023, Patitz died of breast cancer, in Santa Barbara, California, at the age of 56.

Tatjana Patitz siblings, Sophie Patitz

Sophie Patitz Pollmann is the younger sister of supermodel Tatjana Patitz.

Who Is Sophie Patitz? 

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Sophie has been featured in several German magazines alongside her late sister Tatjana, a media sensation back then. She pursued this interest by studying zoology at the University of London’s Royal Holloway College and now works for International Animal Rescue.

SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com


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