‘Tax YouTube and online businesses after E-levy’ – Mark Okraku advises Akufo Addo

Mark Okraku Mantey, Deputy Minister of Tourism, urges the government to charge internet activity now that the electronic levy has been approved.

Mark Okraku Mantey presented the petition on GTV in Accra. He said internet enterprises should pay their fair share in taxes to help Ghana thrive.

He says SMEs can’t prosper due of debt. Taxation on internet firms would still be a trickle, but not from a few overwhelmed ones.

“Again, the tiny company venture appears in a few years and collapses due to tax burdens. So, why don’t we assist decrease business taxes in Ghana? You don’t have to overburden the few who have consented to pay for it.”

Mr Mantey emphasized the growth of online/cyber firms as the digital world evolved. I sell on YouTube, iTunes, Bolt Foods, and Uber. People now shop online. Do they pay taxes? No. After the momo, I believe we should go online and cyber to see what we can get.”

He said he favors E-levy because it permits skilled informal laborers to pay direct income tax. Also, Mark Okraku pointed out that they moan about bad infrastructure, roads and other issues, but do not contribute. How can we improve what makes you complain about not contributing?

A tax on social media and other internet transactions, he believes, would assist the nation.


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