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Dear Chris Handler,

I must say i am very happy that you introduced a segment like this on your blog. It will help some of us with love and relationship questions that we cannot ask anybody get an answer. Chris, am a 22 year old boy and a level 200 student at KNUST, and i have one question i know you will be of great help to. I met this beautiful girl in my school two months ago, and after a month i finally proposed to her, which she accepted. She’s is very beautiful, respectful and one with brains. I can tell you, if you even see her, you will sure get jealous of me. I do not want to bore your readers with how it all started but ask a question that is bothering me, because I need an answer seriously to it. Her forehead lay on my chest, and my hands held her warmly, we shared bits of kisses on my student bed, then she asked me a soft question; Bismark, have you had sex before? Chris i tell you, i had to swallow my saliva and pretend i did not hear the question and ask her what she said, and politely, she asked the same question again. I intentionally coughed and coughed for i did not know what to say to her. I had to change the subject immediately to some science piece of news, i read. I have managed to skip the question that day, but i know she will come asking again, that is why Chris, i need your help. To be honest, i have not had sex before, she’s the second girl i am dating as the first one left me for someone else. Chris, i don’t know if i should tell her that i have never had sex before or tell her i have. My friends tell me that, if a girl knows you have not had sex before, she will assume, you are not good in bed, so i should tell her, i have had sex 12times with 4 different girls. My conscience also tells me to tell her the truth, but am shy to say that i am a virgin at 22 and she would be my first. I have not asked her too if she’s had sex before, so am scared, i tell her am a virgin, and she might not be or i tell her am a pro and she’s one. Chris, please am confused, help me before the question pops up again.


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Hello Bismark,
Thanks for enjoying my blog. I must confess, i might be jealous if i see her, i admire beautiful girls. Moving on to your question, i must tell you that, the truth is always the best answer. It might sound weird to some people that you are a virgin, but it’s the best thing for any man. One should have sex with only the person they truly love. Most people have sex just for the pleasure of having it and not for love. If you tell your girlfriend that you have not had sex before, which is the truth, she will definitely love you more whether she is a virgin herself or not. Having sex several times, does not mean, you will be good at it. I know they say practice makes one perfect, but it is never the case for sex. You can have sex for the first time and be as good like you have learnt it in school. If she truly loves you, nothing will change about that if you tell her you are a virgin, so tell her boldly that, you have never had sex, and that believe in making love not sex!

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