The artists who left my record label were in a hurry for quick fame – D Black reveals

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It is  not unusual for artistes to leave record labels but it becomes a problem when more than one artist leave a record label few months after signing up.

It can be recalled that Freda Rhymes, Wisa Greid, Kobla Jnr and Dahlin Gage recently said good bye to D-Black’s  record label.
However, D-Black real name Desmond Blackmore, has dismissed the idea his team was incapable of managing the artistes but rather attributes their exit to the signees being impatient.

“They did not have the patience to wait to become stars, they wanted to be known quickly but my label and I wanted them to grow organically because that is what I believed and still believe in.

“What people don’t know is that the best thing in this industry is to go at a pace where you can never be forgotten in years to come.

“When you grow organically, you last long in the game and you learn all that there is to learn and it gives you the strength to stand the test of time when the dry season comes,” he said in an interview with Graphic Showbiz.

He, however, admitted that if the label had signed on a lesser number of artistes, things might have been different.

“Yes, maybe if the number was less things would have been different and the story wouldn’t be this but then I believe it is all good,” he said.

On whether his lack of managerial skills could have contributed to his signees leaving, D-Black responded that, “I did not and do not mange artistes, anyone on the label came with his or her manager.

“All that I did is to invest and come in with the financing and we made sure that at least within a year, each artiste had some songs out.”

D-Black also said he did not believe the exit of the artistes meant he had failed. “I have not failed, neither has the label. Rather, a lot of lessons have been learnt, they did their best and we also did our part and that is it. There is no bitterness whatsoever,” he stated.

The Heaven or Hell rapper also indicated that the issue had brought them something positive saying, “Signing them has made our brand known so that today, if you are mentioning record labels in Ghana, you would mention Black Avenue Muzik.”

When asked if he would take any of the signees back should the opportunity come up D-Black said, “I do not take decisions alone and I’m not sure that will happen because they are great artistes and can survive out there.”

D-Black, who still has two signees, S3fa and Nina Ricchie on the Black Avenue Muzik label had some advice for up and coming artistes.

“You do not need a record label to succeed, you can be great on your own. The sky is big enough for everyone. Just believe and trust in God, work hard, be patient and trust the process,” he said.

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