“The battle is not the Lord’s. Use your conscience” – KSM speaks on NPP’s election slogan

Celebrated Ghanaian satirist, comedian and actor, Kwaku Sintim-Misa (KSM) has punched holes in the electioneering slogan of the NPP and explained why he thinks otherwise.

In a tweet, the 63-year-old TV personality said the decision by Ghanaians on who to vote for at the polls has never been and will not be the doing of God.

On that front, KSM advised the electorates should use their conscience and decide on who to vote and move away from the popular notion that election results are determined by God.

“The BATTLE IS NOT THE LORD’s. We have FREE WILL to use our conscience to MAKE DECISIONS. The decisions we make are our’s NOT the LORD’s The outcome of the election will be the RESULT of our DECISION. Whether its PEACEFUL or VIOLENT is in our HANDS. LORD ABR3,” he wrote.”

KSM’s statement, although very laudable, has been described as a very controversial one especially when Ghana is in a very tense political season and the incumbent government is riding on this slogan to get their message across.

He received some comments from people and below are some of them.


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