The fraud boy I dated infected me with HIV so I also gave it to her sister who is a lēśß!an – Aggrieved Lady confesses

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An online anonymous confession blog has revealed the bizarre things people have done and one of them that caught our attention is what we will be sharing with you today.

The portal put up a note asking people to confess the most bizarre thing they’ve ever done in their lives and it wa at that moment one lady’s confession caught our eyes.

According to the lady who is a University graduate, she once dated a fraud boy who was a student at the time she was in the University.

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But as time went on, she realized she’s contracted the deadly HIV disease and knew very well that it was the fraud boy who had infected her.

So to pay him back, she engaged in lēsßianism and infected the guy’s sister who is also into the supi supi business with the disease.

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Fraud boy


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