The Guy Who Mimicked Stonebwoy Did Nothing Wrong & Here Is Why

News broke some few days ago about one young man(Alex Amevor) who jumped onto the stage to imitate Stonebwoy as he performed at the launch of Live Fm last week friday.

Many bashed the young man for his actions to the extent that most people even rained curses on him. Some even accused him of being a fan of another artiste who was sent to intimidate Stonebwoy on stage.

Stonebwoy is a very unique artiste and everyone knows him to be humble,so he throwing the mic into the crowd after seeing the young man do that was very disturbing to most people.Such things come with very bad feelings especially when one is not born with a disability.It really brings back memories of how that particulardisability came into being.

After I personally watched the video for the first time,I rebuked the guy in question but having a second thought and watching the other video,I realized it was out of sheer excitement as he wanted the BET Award winner to notice his presence.

As young as we are,we have this kind of excitement when we see acts we love perform.The mere fact of seeing them on stage alone makes us hyper. Fact is,it happens to most young people.

There had been instances where a very good friend of mine tries to imitate Stonebwoy every time  he performs just because of his love for him and his music. He always tries to imitate his style of speaking to the extent that we all call him by the jargon “Balance”,which Stonebwoy loves to say to his DJ anytime he is on stage.

I watched another video of the same dude where he danced and walked that exact way and even went ahead to take pictures and videos with his friends, minutes before going on stage to put up that “irrelevant” act.

His intentions might have been for the “Go Higher” hitmaker to recognize him as a die hard fan(probably for Stonebwoy to know that he could do more than just singing his songs).

Just imagine how young ladies sing and act like their favorite female musicians when they are alone or with friends. They do exactly what their favorite celebrities do on stage just for the love they have for them.

That is the same way a guy who couldn’t help see his favorite artiste on stage perform, react when he met him especially for the very first time.Maybe he was carried away by Stonebwoy’s performance.

Alex could be soo ignorant to the extent he didn’t know the outcome of his actions.

It’s good for society to frown on such indecent behaviour but we shouldn’t rush to condemn or judge persons involved in such situations.We should know we are humans and are bound to make mistakes every time of our lives.

What he did wasn’t necessary but then,he can’t be blamed too. An excerpt from his apology letter states, “The act I put out there looked very disrespectful and I regret my actions…I did that out of my love for his personality”.

Everyone deserves a second chance and I think he should be forgiven. I strongly believe Stonebwoy has forgiven him too, and would also plead with those who are still going hard on the guy to take it a bit easy.

We again apologize greatly to our reigning artiste of the year,Stonebwoy for what transpired at the launch.


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